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About Us


Cutting Edge was founded by Leann Emery in 2005.  Leann was a collegeiate pitcher at San Jose State Univ (1987-1991).  After graduating and achieving her M.S. Degree in Sports Admin, she became self-employed working and developing her company Little Movers.  Since finishing college she had started giving pitching lessons, coaching travel ball and working as an assistant coach at San Jose City College.   After developing one company, she decided to create a company that she was truly passionate about, Cutting Edge Softball.  Cutting Edge Softball is a facility that is about growing our softball community.  Developing young athletes, giving the best instruction and watching them grow!  Throughout our 8 years, the staff has seen little girls walk through CES doors and now walk out collegeiate athletes ready to take on their world!

Leann has always looked for the best instructors to be a part of Cutting Edge.  She looks for people who have a real passion for teaching, guiding and inspiring young athletes.  Through this journey, the CES staff members have worked side by side with Olympians Jessica Mendoza, Laura Berg and collegiate coaches such as Claire Sua-Amundson (Stanford), Tori Nyberg (Northwestern), Mike Candrea (Univ of Arizona, Kirk Walker (Oregon State).  Leann and her staff are always providing the best instruction that they can to their students.  Cutting Edge isn't just a company that works with softball players, we inspire athletes! 

Why Use Cutting Edge Softball Training and Lessons?
Our Vision

Our vision has always been to provide a positive environment for young girl softball players to receive excellent instruction to elevate their game.   We don't want to just make great players we want to inspire our students to work hard, set goals and be positive people.



Our Mission

Since we opened our doors, our mission has always been to raise the level of softball in the Bay Area.  By providing high quality instruction with the latest knowledge our students know they are getting the best!


Our Values

Our values go hand in hand with our commitment to our students.  Cutting Edge values it's students.  We value our love for the games and what inspires to us to give our best every day.



Our Goals

Goals at Cutting Edge are never ending.  As Cutting Edge continues to deliver the best instruction, camps, clinics, and whatever else we do, our goals will be reached and then new ones will be on the horizon! 

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