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Cutting Edge Softball, San Jose CA

Softball Hitting, Pitching and Fielding Lessons

Cutting Edge provides private & group lessons for girls fast-pitch softball players of all ages.  If you want to learn how to pitch, hit, field or be a catcher, you have some to the right place.   Our instructors have years of experience, using the newest advanced computerized technology as teaching tools to help develop our student’s skill level.  At Cutting Edge we build confidence and a strong foundation to out perform the competition!

Private Lessons, Pre-Season, Clinics, Summer Camps 


Cutting Edge is a multi purpose softball facility.  We not only provide private lessons, we also offer:

  • Private Training in Pitching, Hitting, Fielding & Catchers lessons

  • Pre-Season Clinics for Coaches and Players

  • Indoor Batting Cages and Practice area for teams and individuals of all ages

  • Group pitching, catching & hitting lessons (Group lessons are seasonal)

  • Summer Softball Camps (outdoors)

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