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Cutting Edge has partnered with several recreational leagues for many years

All great softball players started by playing in recreational softball leagues, Olympians Jessica Mendoza, Jennie Finch, Laura Berg, Cat Ostermen and thousands more before them. Recreational Softball is at the "core" of the game and that’s never been more true than right here in the Bay Area. That’s why it’s been my goal as the president of Cutting Edge Softball to work with local league boards, coaches and players.  

Recreational softball provides players the skills and time needed to develop and gain confidence for when they are ready to move to the advanced travel level. It’s always been one of our charters to help improve and strengthen the quality of local softball teams and programs. Cutting Edge has helped by donating and sponsoring coaching and player clinics that focus on solid softball techniques and positive coaching communication skills. Giving back is one of the most rewarding ways to see the growth of our sport!

I really see our local recreational softball leagues as an important  stepping stone.  As recreational softball grows and becomes stronger, so will local high school teams, travel teams and ultimately those players who dream of playing at the college level.  

Recreational Softball is not just the beginning but rather the start of something great to come.
Leann Emery
President, Cutting Edge Softball

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